Trademarked Credential

The C.S.N. credential was trademarked in 1986. It incorporated periods after each letter to distinguish it from any state level certification/licensure programs. This credential was retired in 2000.

Today, NCSN is the official trademarked credential used by successful candidates of the national exam.


Upon successful completion of the national exam, NCSNs will receive a certificate. 

(actual size 8" x 10")

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Recognition Awards

NCSNs who have promoted certification and professional school nursing as well as enhanced competency in school nursing can be nominated for the NCSN Recognition Award. Applications are located on the Forms & Applications page.

2014 Donnis Harris, MS, RN, NCSN

Donnis Harris (left) is presented with the Nationally Certified School Nurse of the Year Award, on June 27, 2014, by Sue Nokleby (right), for outstanding leadership as an NCSN in school nurse practice. 

2013 Kathleen Johnson (WA)

Kathleen H. Johnson (right) is presented with the NCSN Nurse Administrator of the Year Award by NBCSN President Sue Nokleby (left).
2012 Cindy Hiltz (MN)


Cindy Hiltz (MN) was presented with the NCSN Recognition Award by NBCSN President Sue Nokleby
2011 Nancy Nadel (DE)


At the 2011 NBCSN reception held in Washington DC, the Recognition Award went to Nancy Nadel (left) for her work in school health services. Pictured on the right is Mary Ann Gapinski, NBCSN President
2010 Patricia Krin (CT)
2009 Jeanne Sedgwick (MN)
2008 Linda Wolfe
Janice Selekman
2007 Gail Hartshorne (FL)
Roberta Cobbett (MA)
Rhonda Lesniak (FL)
2005 Charlotte Barry (FL)
Phyllis Williams (NC)
2003 Barbara Battin (FL)
2002 Rhonda Lesniak (FL)
2000 Janis Hootman (OR)
Nancy Greenberg (NM)
Sandra Gann (TX)
Laureen Fleck (FL)
1998 Pearl Scherrman
Sylvia Grubb (SC)
Ellen Bonnie Lissoway
1997 Kathleen Hanthausen (ID)
Leah Turner (CT)
1996 Debbie Tipton Winters
1995 Linda Miller (OH)
Bonnie Paustian (MI)
Kathy Rowland (OH)
Jane Tustin (TX)
Marjorie Briden (VA)
1994 Karen Willis (FL)
Mary Kaye Villalba (TX)
Beverly Klitz (OH)

Liaison of the Year Awards

A NCSN liaison who effectively promoted school nurse certification on the state level.

2014 Mary A Norton, MEd, BSN, RN, NCSN
For excellence in promoting certification on the state level.

2013 Karolyn Towne (VT)

Karolyn Town (left) is presented with the NCSN Liaison of the Year Award, by NBCSN Vice President Carol Costante (right).

2012 Carla Kelley (AR)


Vicki Crump (rt), NBCSN Vice- President, presented Carla Kelley (lt) from Arkansas the NBCSN Liaison of the Year award.
2011 Jessica Porter (SC)


Susan Nokelby (left) awards Jessica Porter (right) with the Liaison of the Year award at the 2011 NBCSN reception that was held in Washington DC.
2010 Gerri Harvey (NH)

President Recognition Awards

A NCSN liaison who effectively promoted school nurse certification on the state level.

2014 Rob and Sue Rogers of School Health Corporation

Sue Nokleby (center) presents Sue Rogers (left) and Rob Rogers (right) of School Health Corporation with the President Recognition Award on June 27, 2014, for supporting national school nurse certification through the SHC Advantage Program.

2013 NASN - National Association of School Nurses
2011 AFT
The ladies pictured above received the President's Recognition Award at the 2011 NBCSN reception that was held in Washington DC
Sandi Delack, NASN
Katherine Kany, AFT Healthcare
Juanita Hogan, AFT
Jeanne Sedgwick, AFT
Aurelia Barney, AFT
Pat Christie, AFT
Ann O'Hara, AFT
Donna Rehm, AFT


"NBCSN Certified" ribbons are given to all NCSNs attending the NASN Annual Conference.

In addition, these ribbons are available, at no cost, for state meetings. Contact an NBCSN State Liaison in your state for more information or the NBCSN Administrative Office.