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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions frequently asked by applicants and NCSNs are listed below and are posted here for your convenience. Additional questions may be directed to

Questions regarding the examination

Do I have to be working full time to be eligible to take the exam?
Please visit Examination Page of the website to access all of the current information about eligibility requirements to take the exam. 

I am interested in taking the examination to become an NCSN. Is there a class available to prepare for the exam?
There are no review classes or written preparation materials for the exam that are supported or approved by the NBCSN. Data provided by school nurses sitting for the NCSN exam indicate that small group study where school nurses informally join together to study and review the content outlined in the exam brochure is a successful mode of preparation.

Although not endorsed by NBCSN, many NASN affiliate organizations have study groups and review courses to assist school nurses prepare for the examination; some colleges offer online and graduate courses related to school nurse preparation and content; and the National Association of School Nurses publishes a manual, School Nursing Certification Review, available through its book store.

Questions regarding liaisons

Can you give me contact information for the NBCSN liaisons?
You can find your state liaison on the liaison page of this site.

I am interested in becoming a liaison, what is the next step?
We allow a maximum of two state liaisons per state. Please fill out an application to become a state liaison from the Forms & Applications page and return to the board office. The Vice President reviews your application. You are required to submit an annual report which can also be downloaded from the Forms & Applications page. For further information please visit the Liaison page.

Questions regarding recertification

What type of continuing education credits are acceptable for re-certification?
Please visit Recertification Page of the website to access all of the current information about acceptable continuing education credits. 

How do I contact someone if I have questions or concerns, or am having a problem with my application?

Follow the link to contact the National Board for Certification of School Nurses, Inc. with any questions, concerns, or problems.